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Piano Tuning Services in Richmond, VA

Though they are made from wood and iron, pianos are alive and change with the seasons. They go sharp in the summer and flat in the winter, regardless of how much or how little you play them. I recommend retuning every 6 months to offset these changes. In this country, pianos are tuned to A440. Regular tuning and piano maintenance will keep your piano up to pitch.

Keep in Tune

Keeping your piano in tune and in sound working order will prevent larger repairs down the road. It gives me the opportunity to assess the condition of your piano as well as to keep the piano from dropping in pitch. It feels good to leave a piano sounding and playing better than it did when I arrived. Working with fine instruments is a pleasure, however, the most important piano is always the one in front of me.

Raising the Pitch

When pianos are left un-tuned for several years, they often drop a half tone in pitch. At this point, they will need a pitch raise so they can be played with other instruments and be in the same key. This can be prevented with regular tuning.

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