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Donna Zapada

Jennifer is a well-versed tuner and technician. She has a great personality. Will always call her back!.

Tom O'Connell
My wife and I were extremely impressed with Jennifer's knowledge of the piano. She was able to fix and repair a lot of problems that we thought we're not fixable. We were actually contemplating buying a new piano but thank you Jennifer for saving us a lot of money. Great tuner and will always call her back.

Elaine Hernandez
Jennifer and Don are taking such good care of my old piano. Jenny is not satisfied until everything is just perfect. I am glad to gave found her and will recommend her to anyone needing work on their piano. Thanks for making my piano sing!

Gary Vann Brooks
Jennifer Blackman came to test drive a piano we were considering purchasing. It was for my daughter ,her first piano. She thoroughly inspected every nook and cranny (for a small fee)and pronounced it a solid purchase. Without her expertise I would not have considered such an endeavor solo. As I realized it's much smarter to have an expert by your side while making these decisions.